Food: A Love Story

Food: A Love Story Eating for a Happy Body If you came here looking for a meal plan or a breakdown of what exactly you should eat, I’m afraid I can’t give you that. Because if I did, I would be a douche bag. First of all, I don’t know who you are, your activity […]

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Benefits of Weight Lifting

Weight lifting. And I mean HEAVY weight lifting. This seems to make people nervous. They picture bulging veins, muscles spilling out of clothes, busted knees, and broken backs. Almost every time a woman expresses interest in lifting, she will almost always follow it with “but I don’t want to lift too heavy.” What is “too […]

Why Practice Pilates?

Sorry to break it to you, but doing Pilates will not make you look like the stereotypical ballet dancer. No matter what the celebrities tell you. Unless of course you’re a ballet dancer. Will it make you look and feel great? Absolutely. But there are reasons why I have been practicing Pilates for almost 20 […]