I have a passion for fitness, movement, health, and wellness.

I was overweight throughout my childhood and adolescence, but by age 17 got fed up with feeling bad about myself and took action. And I never looked back. I began running distance, which became my life, and I also discovered Pilates and weight lifting.

I also started dieting then. I did what so many other women do… followed a strict diet that revolved around counting calories. If I went over my (completely arbitrary and dangerously low) calorie goal, I would workout harder and eat even less.

Obviously, this was not healthy or sustainable. I managed to stay a healthy weight through the years, but I sustained injuries and struggled with feelings of inadequacy.

And that right there is why I’m a trainer now, dedicating my life to educating and helping people of all ages and abilities discover their physical and mental potentials. Punishment and shame are not the answers. The answer is EMPOWERMENT.

Basi Pilates