In-person or Virtual

One-on-one Training

  • Virtual or in-person
  • Get personalized coaching
  • Get the results you want
  • Workouts tailored to your goals and needs
  • Join a small group for more accountability and fun

COVID-19 Precautions

If you train with me in the gym, please know…

I care about your health and safety, so please know that I only train clients in spaces that I know are frequently and thoroughly sanitized, where masks are enforced, and where I and other patrons are screened before being allowed entrance. I personally clean every piece of equipment we use and sanitize my hands between all of my clients. My clients have all agreed to cancel when they have any symptoms whatsoever, are concerned about exposure, or have traveled. Rest assured, I am doing everything in my power to keep you (and myself) healthy.

One-on-One Training

Personal coaching has gone virtual! You can still work with me in-person, and I now offer virtual training via phone. Not only will I provide personalized coaching, but workouts will be tailored to you and your needs. Sessions are 50 minutes or can be combined for an hour and 15 minutes.



Get one personal training session (in-person or virtual).



Get 4 private in-person or virtual training sessions. New clients only.



Get 4 monthly private in-person or virtual training sessions (1 x per week).



Get 8 monthly private in-person or virtual training sessions (2x per week).



Get 12 monthly private in-person or virtual training sessions (3 x per week).



Get 12 monthly private in-person or virtual training sessions (4x per week).

Small Group Training

Take your body and workouts to the next level with a group of likeminded women who will be there to push you, congratulate you, and motivate you. Groups are capped at 4 women, so you’ll still get plenty of individualized attention. A minimum of 4 private sessions is required to join the group so I can get to know your body and help you get your form on point!



Get 4 monthly group sessions.



Get 8 monthly group sessions.



Get 12 monthly group sessions.

“All my life, I’ve hated exercise and resented working out. But then Covid-19 hit. I wasn’t leaving the house, I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety, and I was eating too much ice cream. My friend suggested I contact her to arrange live remote sessions, and I am so glad I did.

First, Charis listened to all my anxieties about past bad experiences. Then she devised numerous routines that PERFECTLY hit a happy medium: I’m consistently challenged, so I stay excited and motivated and see progress, but I’m never discouraged, embarrassed, or in physical pain. Immediately, I started sleeping better and felt less general anxiety, which has made coping with Coronavirus easier.

But I also have more energy, less lethargy, and I’m getting stronger. I find myself looking forward to our sessions. Indeed, last week I had to miss one, and I would’ve thought I’d be secretly happy, but in fact I was disappointed.”

- Christian Blood, Virtual Training