Great for less experienced lifters who want to perfect their form, prevent injury and maximize their results

4 Lifting Workouts / month

Weekly detailed form evaluations and feedback


*automatically billed monthly


Great for beginners or anyone new to lifting. You will be closely coached and supervised so that you can learn effective lifting techniques and work towards your goals

Workouts personalized to YOUR body, goals, needs, and preferences


Unlimited in-depth form evaluations and feedback

Weekly nutrition coaching


*automatically billed monthly


What if I'm new to weightlifting, can I still sign up for the online membership?

Yes we welcome all experience levels but strongly suggest that as a beginner you sign up for the Personal Coaching. This way you will be able to gain in-depth knowledge of form which helps prevent injury and maximize results.

What if I can’t do a certain exercise?

You are welcome to modify exercises, but understand that this might affect your results. If you are modifying due to pain, it’s highly recommended that you select an option where Charis can assist you with form.

Can I do this program if I have an injury?

Yes, but we strongly recommend that you choose one-on-one coaching so Charis can help you work around your limitation. We are not responsible for any injury sustained (or worsened) during training, so use common sense.

How will I get access to the workouts?

For Basic and Intermediate Online Coaching plans, when you register and pay for the online membership you will have access to the online member portal. Here you will find the current month’s workouts and you will be able to start using them immediately. Each month on the 2nd Saturday, a new set of workouts will be added to the portal.

For Personalized Online Coaching Charis will reach out to you via email and send your workouts after an initial email or phone consultation about your training goals and needs.

When will I get my personalized workouts?

After email/phone consultation, within one week.

How do I submit my videos for form evaluation?

You can submit your videos to Coach Charis via Google Folder or via Email.

Can I change my level of membership?

Yes, you can change level of membership whenever you want.

Will I automatically be charged every month?

When you sign up you are agreeing to a monthly membership which will be automatically billed at the same time each month. You can cancel your membership at anytime but there will be no refunds issued.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by logging into the online portal. When you cancel your membership it will be effective immediately and there will be no refunds issued.